I get innovation
Innovation, when done intelligently, can transform businesses and assist in creating new sources of revenue. I seek innovative outcomes wherever it makes sense to help my clients differentiate themselves from the herd and position their business for unprecedented success.
Startups are part of my DNA
I’ve cofounded 2 startups in my career. I appreciate the pains cofounders go through to create something from absolutely nothing. The Lean Startup Methodology is part of my DNA. I adopt many of the concepts wherever appropriate to help deliver the best results for my clients.

I’m T-shaped
Not literally. That would likely qualify me for the Guinness Book of Records. I’m what’s known as a deep generalist. I can apply creative concepts from broad design thinking with technical know-how.
UX never sleeps
I maintain the fundamental belief that the work of a UX designer is never over. I love keeping a finger on the pulse of analytics data and user behaviours to determine smart new ways of improving the user experience.

“[The best user experiences] merge the services of multiple disciplines, including engineering, marketing, graphical, industrial and interface design.”

– Jakob Nielsen