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I help digital teams πŸ‘‰ validate product & feature ideas πŸ’‘and optimise their UX for product growth πŸ“ˆ

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  • Highlights reel:

  • β†’9 years as an experience design leader. 10 years prior in IT project delivery.

  • β†’Led experience design teams and projects at: CBA, Suncorp, Westpac and various QLD Government agencies.

  • β†’Passionate builder of tools to help people unleash their creative genius (check-out The Concept Canvas).

  • β†’Moonlights (on occasion) as an instructor of experience design fundamentals and tools at General Assembly.



Together, we’ll determine how your organisation can leverage experience design to generate strategic value β€” focusing specifically on customer retention, customer acquisition and ROI.


Using clever design thinking methods, we'll generate new and innovative solutions to existing challenges or define completely new opportunities.


Who are your users? What are their expectations? What works? What doesn’t? Answers to these questions and more will be sought through surveying, interviewing and observation.


Crafting of meaningful user experiences and user interfaces that address our research findings. We'll employ highly efficient iterative design methods to prototype, test and prepare for development.


In respecting confidentiality for my clients, case studies are not shown on this website. A detailed write-up of selected case studies showcasing my process, outcomes achieved and value-add can be made available as a secured PDF upon special request.

QParents Future Vision

Client: Department of Education Queensland

This project set out a future direction for the QParents application by demonstrating how feature ideas could be used in everyday life by parents and schools. The concepts and ideas from this work were translated into an 18-month product roadmap.


Client: Suncorp

Workbench was an ambitious project to streamline the user experience for insurance staff by bringing 26 systems into one, consolidated platform. The primary objective was to ensure a single view of the customer and improve employee engagement.

Customer Experience Foundations and Strategy

Client: Suncorp

I worked with Suncorp's newly devised customer experience team to help build their core capabilities including: service offerings, team foundations and strategy. I also trained and developed team members with supporting service and design skills.



From industry events and meetups to custom corporate talks, I can be a guest or keynote speaker at your next event. I talk on the following subjects:

  • β†’Fundamentals of experience design and how your organisation can strategically benefit.

  • β†’Embedding experience design practices and disciplines in organisations large and small.

  • β†’Experience design methods, tactics and techniques to gain a competitive edge.

HQ: The gorgeous Gold Coast, Australia

Services offered across Australia and remotely.